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Chandler woman brings yoga to homes, offices SanTan Sun News

By Coty Dolores Miranda

Nicole Fonovich, owner of the mobile Nicole Anne Yoga, came to yoga at the age of 22 after living with chronic pain during her childhood and adolescence.

She was born with degenerative disc disease and after countless hospital visits and multiple surgeries, she was told she had no reason to believe that she could lead a normal life.

“All of my doctors said I was bedridden,” she recalled, her eyes sparkling. “But it’s been a blessing.”

After doing advanced yoga and holistic health training combined with her “can and will” philosophy, Fonovich started her Chandler business.

Her team of 41 dozen holistic practitioners who specialize in a variety of yoga and holistic services work with individuals in their homes or groups in companies and schools. The ages of Nicole Anne Yoga clients range from children to seniors.

And when some businesses stalled during the shutdown, Nicole Anne Yoga did better than in previous months.

“We had earned more by the end of May than in all of last year,” said Fonovich. “We had problems on the first day of this year and with so many people out of work and the economy closing, we didn’t know what to expect. And then, in mid-March, bang! Companies! It was such a surprise, such a blessing. “

She said owning and practicing yoga for Nicole Anne gave her life great joy.

The unexpected and surprising business boom made it possible for her to help her own team members, many of whom were injured due to the loss of her own company’s customer base.

Enter virtual and phone services through Nicole Anne Yoga.

“Nicole Anne Yoga’s growth during the pandemic has been a win-win for all of us. Not only have we been able to help people who are now stuck in their homes, but some of our own team members have had to shut down their own businesses. And now they could work from home, ”she said. “I’m so grateful that I was able to give you some work.”

Your team members, independently Contractors offer a wide range of services Adaptation to the phase of life of the customer or to special needs, such as B. limited mobility.

“Some of the most popular services besides yoga and meditation are neuropathic emotional therapy, nutritional coaching, life coaching, and Reiki,” she explained.

For Nicole Anne, yoga is more than a career, it is a way of life that has served her well for two decades. It has helped her maintain her mental and physical health.

She knows what she is talking about when she tells others that yoga and meditation can help with depression and pain management. In her early years, she relied on several pain medications as directed by her doctors.

Yoga changed this cycle of addiction.

Last August, at the age of 42, Fonovich underwent her fourth major back surgery.

“And I’m fab,” she said emphatically. “Most people don’t know about me and my ongoing physical problems. I live with this previous edition, and through yoga, yoga has made me both more flexible and more balanced. And yoga has enabled me to overcome my depression related to my back problem and has helped me manage my pain naturally. “

A Nicole Anne Yoga team member and a good friend Donna Lewen from Ahwatukee work with Fonovich on a weekly basis.

They met on a trip to India in 2019 and Lewen began a healing circle with a group of women in their home afterward.

“We offer different healings for each other every month,” said Lewen. “Nicole and I became quick friends. Beyond the healing circle, we practiced our new holistic modalities on one another every Thursday. I received Integral Breath Therapy Sessions, and Nicole received AumaKhua-Ki Sessions. “

Lewen praised Nicole’s business acumen and ability to create team spirit among many diverse personalities.

“Nicole is a very smart businesswoman as well as a gifted holistic practitioner,” she said. “As Nicole says, it’s always important to take care of yourself.” And that’s exactly what we do for each other and for others for whom Nicole Anne provides yoga services, ”said Lewen Extra mile so that your team can get to know each other. “

Chandler’s Kerri Wade, hypnotherapist, Reiki master and member of the Nicole Anne yoga team, echoed Lewen’s praise.

“Nicole is always very optimistic and works very hard to put our personal service first.” said Wade, owner of East Valley Therapy. “She is passionate about building us all up.”

Fonovich was born and raised near Chicago. She received her bachelor’s degrees in business / leadership and advocacy from Kendall College in Evanston, Illinois. She earned her Masters in Education from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She is a graduate of the Southwestern Institute of Holistic Art in Tempe, where she graduated as a Holistic Practitioner and specializes in advanced yoga training (500 hours certified), integral breath therapy, yoga nidra, sound healing, restorative yoga, holistic nutrition, and specializing in specialized life coaching .

She achieved this despite her physical problems and declared: “I never let my illness define me anyway.”

She admits there have been times when exercise was impossible.

During one of these periods she discovered sound healing and meditation.

“When I learned about sound healing and meditation – and the incredible transcendence I could feel – I was really never the same,” she said.

Nicole Anne hosts a donation-based sound healing session on Facebook every Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

It’s free for veterans and active military personnel, and has been expanded to include free lessons for healthcare providers and first responders after the COVID-19 hit.

“Sound healing uses the The power of sound to bring mind, body and soul back into balance, ”she explained. “The sound waves from various instruments create a harmonic resonance that trains the brain to move into a lower frequency of the brain waves.”

She also hosts a live meditation on Facebook Live on Mondays.

“We want to make inner peace accessible to everyone,” she said, adding that this was one of the main reasons she decided to start a mobile yoga business instead of opening a stationary studio.

Through her own attempts, which included years helping her father master his battle with leukemia, Fonovich said, she became passionate about holistic nutrition. It is one of the classes she teaches.

“It is an honor for me to offer my knowledge and training Holistic nutrition for others and to guide them on the healthy and natural path we were born to live, ”she said.

Since it is more convenient for business customers to have team members come to their home to provide services – whether individually or in a small group – Nicole has decided to continue to offer virtual courses on a permanent basis.

She said many people said they appreciated the convenience of learning yoga and meditation online, and getting personal nutrition coaching, life coaching, and more through Facebook Live.

Fonovich said she was looking forward to the increasing opening of schools and offices, having previously presented many classes at these locations.

In addition to being the president of Nicole Anne Yoga, Fonovich is also an eBook writer and app developer for children.

In honor of her eleven-year-old son Lucas, she and her husband Damir have written and created almost 40 “Luca Lashes” eBooks and apps. She is also the President of Luca Lashes, LLC.

For more information about her mobile yoga and meditation company, visit her website at

She can also be reached by phone at 847-840-7277.

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