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Brighton and Hove News » Police speak out after Hove man jailed for life-changing attack

A Sussex Police detective said an attack that resulted in life changing injuries to a man was “a callous, unprovoked attack”.

Detective Constable James Botting spoke out after Aftab Miah, 37, of Sherbourne Close, Hangleton, was jailed for 21 months for attacking Kit Bruce on Second Avenue, Hove.

The conviction was reported by Brighton and Hove News nearly three weeks ago.

Mr Bruce, 24, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and treated for brain bleeding and a fractured skull after he was knocked unconscious.

Detective Constable Botting said, “This was a callous, unprovoked attack in which Aftab Miah left his victim seriously injured on the street.

“Miah has a number of violent crime records, and that sentence got a violent criminal off our streets.

“Violence of any kind has no place in our city and we will continue to work to combat violent behavior through enforcement and together with our partner authorities to try to keep people away from violence.”

Judge Stephen Mooney described the attack when convicting Miah: “It was cowardly. It was unprovoked. It was vicious and had disastrous consequences for Mr. Bruce and his family. “

Judge Mooney said the 24-year-old’s life was ruined and said to Miah, “They stole his hearing, his sense of smell, his balance, his ability to work.

“His life will never be the same again and it was completely unnecessary.

Miah got into an argument with Mr Bruce at Pascal’s bar and brasserie on a Friday evening in May. The incident was cited when councilors revoked the liquor license from the premises.

Sussex Police said: “Miah, a trained mixed martial artist, was seen slapping the victim in the face before both men and their respective groups of friends were told to leave the premises.”

Miah later jumped from the passenger seat of a car that pulled up in front of another bar, Libation, across from Pascal’s.

Miah went to Mr. Bruce, who was drinking with friends outside the bar, hit him, and then ran back to the car that was driving away.

Aftab Miah

Sussex Police said: “Witnesses reported that Miah slapped his victim in the face in an unprovoked attack before he got back in the vehicle and was driven away.

“His victim fell backwards and hit his head on the floor and suffered a fractured skull that resulted in a cerebral hemorrhage.

“The attack was recorded on video surveillance and Miah was arrested the next day after being identified by witnesses.”

Miah pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault (GBH) in Hove Crown Court and was imprisoned on Tuesday, July 27th.

The court was told that Miah had multiple convictions about 20 years ago for violence, drug and driving offenses. And he’d been to jail before.

He was involved in a violent attack on the Dynamic Hot Yoga business he runs in Hove. The company’s founder, Stuart Tranter, was injured in the attack.

Last month, Rebecca Upton, Miah’s defender, said at Hove Crown Court the attack was “a moment of madness – there is no justification for it and it does not imply that Mr Bruce did anything wrong”.

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