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Boston City Council chambers cleared as raucous meeting spills into hallways | Ap

BOSTON — Boston City Council President Ed Flynn led Wednesday’s meeting off with a hopeful if, in retrospect, ominous plea that “we all be respectful to each other.”

Jabs between councilors and members of the public, F-bombs and even fists flew soon after.

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kAmu=J??[ 😕 2 DE2E6>6?E 27E6C E96 >66E:?8[ D2:5[ “pD H6 >@G6 7@CH2C5 5FC:?8 E96D6 492==6?8:?8 E:>6D 😕 @FC 4:EJ 2?5 4@F?ECJ[ :E 😀 4C:E:42= E92E >6>36CD @7 E96 q@DE@? r:EJ r@F?4:= 2=H2JD =@@ 6249 @E96C’D =:G65 6IA6C:6?46D C682C5=6DD @7 @FC G:6HD 2?5 5:776C6?46D @7 @A:?:@?]”k^Am

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