Bismarck Gym helps clients set achievable health and wellness goals

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — As the pandemic took a toll on business owners across the country, it also created some barriers to healthy living. Now, wellness experts in North Dakota said they’ve seen clients set higher health goals in terms of overall happiness.

Many people who work on their New Year’s resolutions or make lifestyle changes, no matter what day of the year, find that they walk more, eat more nutritious foods, hit the gym, or try new activities.

These exercise enthusiasts are enjoying a metabolic training class at Proximal 50. They’re pushing their limits, tracking their heart rate and saying they’re having fun.

“If you find what you love to do in the gym, you’re likely to have more success. They’re going to keep it up,” said Jordan Morman, Proximal 50’s fitness manager.

Nothing has changed in the gym since the recent Omicron surge, but wellness experts believe some changes, like a shift in goal setting mentality, are likely to linger and point people looking for change in a positive direction.

“I’ve definitely seen more happiness goals and felt better than a number on a scale,” said Callie Stein, a registered nurse at Proximal 50.

Stein said the key is setting goals with precise, achievable steps. She said this method helps people make changes to their health that are sustainable for years to come.

“Everyone is so busy. and [we’re] to help them how they can still integrate quality nutrition into their lives. How to integrate movement into your life. And then, in turn, teach that to your family, teach that to your kids,” Stein said.

At the gym, trainers said they see success stories whether the client is a beginner or a pro athlete.

“It’s really cool to see her confidence growing. And they’re starting to see those results and enjoy them,” Morman said.

Whether you’re 18 or 81, there’s no timer for those hoping to make changes.

Health scientists have said that taking care of yourself through fitness, diet and mental well-being practices can help you deal with life’s blows.

Proximal 50 employs trainers, a nutritionist, a nurse and a counselor to help clients achieve their wellness goals.

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