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Best Yoga Retreats in the US for Wellness Wanderlust

The last couple of years have been anything but relaxing, which means the best yoga retreats in the US are more relevant than ever before—let’s just say we could all use a little time to re-center.

Sure, you could just head to one of the best day spas and spa resorts and be done with it. But if you’re really looking to work on active mindfulness (in the downward dog position, no less), why not try a yoga retreat instead? Some of the most stunning, best places to visit in the US play host to scenic, long-standing yoga retreats. So whether your idea of ​​wellness is exploring tropical gardens in Hawaii, mindful forest walks in the Colorado wilderness, or immersive escapes with llamas in Northern California (yes, that’s a real thing you can do), these yoga retreats will help to get your ” om” on in no time.

The best part? Most retreats have a variety of all-inclusive packages, which means the whole planning process is a breeze. Go for a weekend or make a serious commitment to your well-being with a full week of yoga, meditation, clean eating, and outdoor adventure. Take a look at our list of the best yoga retreats in the US, take a deep breath, and reconnect with wellness.

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