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Basingstoke mum launches business wellbeing workshops

TWO business coaches have teamed up to improve the wellbeing of post-pandemic workers.

Vicky Glanville and Kathryn Jeacock met when they were working together on an executive education project for the innovation and technology company Satellite Applications Catapult.

Vicky from Basingstoke started Coaching Harmony after she left her marketing role at AA.

She was selected by Satellite Applications Catapult to deliver a powerful program called People Experience to 50+ executives, HR managers, and rising stars.

The 47-year-old’s commitment resulted in a successful two-year program that was rolled across the company.

Kathryn, who was then Chief People Officer at Catapult, was thinking about her next career step and was delighted when Vicky invited her to join the Coaching Harmony team and take advantage of the transformative People Experience program for many more companies.

“I had worked in human resources for 15 years and had come to a crossroads where I wanted to be professionally,” explains Kathryn.

The 37-year-old mother of one from Oxford added, “I really enjoyed seeing the people experience transform. It was really positive and unleashed the potential of the people, many of whom were promoted as a result of the program.

“Vicky took me under her wing and gave me coaching and mentoring, and she asked if I had thought about doing this for a living. I really believe in the work we are doing and I know so many other organizations can benefit from it. ”

Believing the pandemic has put employee wellbeing high on the corporate agenda, Kathryn explains, “This is no longer an afterthought, it cannot be. People have realized that if you push them too far, they break. Companies recognize what needs to be done to support their employees. ”

This is where Coaching Harmony can help. Vicky’s and Kathryn’s skills complement each other, with Vicky’s business experience and expertise in health and wellbeing in perfect harmony with Kathryn’s skills in team coaching and dealing with people.

“The best thing I love about Coaching Harmony is our mission to create a better, more humane and healthier work environment that supports the whole person and unlocks people’s potential,” said Kathryn, adding, “The companies that are returning would like to follow the same pre-pandemic practices are those that the staff are bleeding about. Those who dealt with the staff, cared for them, and looked after their wellbeing got through well. People say: “We want flexibility”. There has to be better work-life integration. ”

The mother of two Vicky, who also runs a marketing consultancy and a holistic wellness and yoga company, is inspired by her two daughters to make a difference.

“Kathryn and I are both strong women, and we do this because we want to show our girls what can be achieved,” she said, adding, “My passion is to work with people and help them deal with problems and problems Helping challenges gives me great satisfaction. The combination of coaching, mental health awareness and wellbeing is a cornerstone of my work. ”

Coaching Harmony offers a variety of options for businesses including individual, team, leadership and wellbeing coaching, as well as bespoke programs.

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