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A Simple Concept Brings Yoga Business to Cushing Village

Photo: Stephanie Mills, owner of Simply Yoga in Cushing Square.

The circular logo on the Simply Yoga window that opens in the heart of Cushing Square this weekend is not associated with traditional yoga illustrations.

In fact, the owner, Stephanie Mills, brought the symbol from her native Ireland.

“There is a picture carved in stone at Newgrange“Said the native of Dublin. Four days a year at the winter solstice, the sun enters a tiny roof box through which the morning sun can illuminate the vast interior of the 5,000-year-old building.

And Mills wants to educate residents about the benefits of their yoga brand.

In many ways the name of Mills’ studio – who practices and teaches Vinyasa / Flow Yoga where Movement and breathing are synchronized – is their business philosophy.

“That’s what I’m offering here, just yoga. I don’t offer all of the other exercises. It’s only yoga because I believe in it. It’s about exercise; It’s about the mind and about creating a community. I want people to come here and leave their stress at the door where to bring your kids so you know this studio has a good atmosphere. “

“I don’t want to build an empire. That’s it, ”she said.

Belmont residents had the opportunity to experience Mills’ approach with a weekend off April 23rd and 24th at their studio at 95 Trapelo Rd. There was once a Chinese restaurant and a supermarket here. The completely renovated interior has a large room (called Adam) and a more intimate room (called Saoirse – not after the actress Saoirse Ronan, but Irish for “freedom”) in which she and her staff can hold courses and workshops.

“Yoga has something for everyone, no matter what experience you have. Simply Yoga is about building a community and bringing people closer to the simplicity that yoga can bring to our chaotic lives, ”she said. “I think that’s very important in today’s society. We chase our tails all the time. Yoga is a reminder to take your time. “

The Watertown resident has had a long career behind the camera – working at WGBH in production for NOVA and The American Experience and freelancing for National Geographic and The History Channel – after “getting back to the yoga mat 17 years ago like most people; to get a workout, ”she said.

After a back injury that required surgery, go to the studio and find a dedicated chiropractor “I have renewed my enthusiasm for yoga because I found it very relaxing, ”she said. The next step was her belief that she could bring the same experience to people of all ages and skills.

Mills said she hoped the studio “is everything to everyone,” whether the client is the middle-aged dad, the empty nests, or the young professional who will live in Cushing Village.

Screenshot 23.04.2016 at 8:59:02 p.m.

Stephanie Mills, just yoga.

“I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone,” said Mills. The spectrum of courses ranges from the basics of yoga to beginners and advanced practitioners who want to go back to the basics and learn the cues and get proper alignment for poses. Yin Yoga, which involves holding poses for minutes with the idea that your mind will relax in the pose, more traditional flow classes, and a heated class.

“People go to different yoga studios for many different reasons. When I imagined taking the plunge and starting a yoga studio, Belmont was the city I was in [saw], specifically Cushing Square, ”she said.

“I envisioned a community, a ‘yoga strong’ community that the teachers – whom she has recruited for her studio over the past six months – and the students, built a place to learn and share freely can be. The Simply Yoga team is deeply committed to the practice of yoga and the community, ”said Mills.

“I think I have a great team and they are really invested in yoga and Belmont,” she said.

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