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7 signs you’ve outgrown your job, as Ellen DeGeneres says ‘instinct’ compelled her to end chat show

After 19 years, the Ellen Show ends amid some controversy, and Ellen DeGeneres herself says, “You may be wondering why I decided to end after 19 seasons. The truth is, I always trust my instincts. My instincts told me it was time. As a comedian, I’ve always understood the importance of… timing. “

Even when you’re not on TV, really satisfying work is challenging and exciting, but after you’ve worked somewhere for a while, it’s all too easy to get mentally stagnant. Or you just feel like it’s time to leave the party while it’s still fun.

Are you thinking of changing jobs? Here are some other important, tell-tale signs that it is time to move on.

1. You can do this with the autopilot

It’s not that you’re bad at your job, it’s just that you’ve been going through the movements so many times that you think you can do the job in your sleep. Or at least with a very bad hangover.


You are such an expert in your field that you become the point of contact whom new employees in the company annoy when they stick to a logistical task. While it is flattering that people think you are some kind of omniscient oracle, the constant worry only adds to the irritation of the job.

2. They feel part of the furniture

Sometimes it’s nice to have miles on a job. You feel comfortable in your depth and are never stressed about what the day might bring.

But lately you’ve been feeling demotivated and sluggish. You feel like you are running out of time and having trouble figuring out reasons why you enjoy doing what you do …

3. You count down the hours to noon

Time seems to go a little slower these days. Is it just you, or do the minutes seem to go by at a snail’s pace?

You’re trying not to be a watch keeper, but the work itself is so tedious that you spend most of your day looking at your watch and counting down the minutes until you pack and leave.

4. You are thinking about starting a sideline

You’ve worked hard for years to grow your business and thrive, but now you’re distracted by the idea of ​​starting your own yoga business, fleeing to Bali, and spending your days with downward-facing dogs in a jungle.

You can’t help but flip through other entrepreneurs’ Instagram feeds enviously wondering if you’ve got your life wrong – and if it’s too late to press the panic button and start over.

5. Work doesn’t feel like part of your identity

When your friends ask how the work is going, just grunt, “Yeah, good,” and move on.

You don’t mean to be rude, but the truth is, you have nothing to say. Once you are physically signed off from work, you’ve also checked out mentally and don’t want to spend any of your precious downtime talking about it.

6. You don’t feel valued

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As Dolly Parton famously sang in her workplace: “It’s all taking and no giving”.

You can’t help but feel like the company culture has changed since the long lost days when you started there, and you’re not entirely sure if you are happy with the new direction.

7. Everything annoys you

The way your coworker sips their coffee, the irritating chirping way your customer signs off their emails, the customers who pester you with constant questions …

Work doesn’t always go smoothly and there are things that bothers you – but if you get angry about small and trivial things, it’s a good sign that you need to look at what you really want to do and where.

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