5 fitness tech platforms to help you get (and stay) healthy

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There is no shortage of health apps and fitness technologies, each claiming to help consumers achieve their goals. And while smart devices like wearables are sure to provide valuable data, these metrics and the underlying platforms usually don’t go deep enough to give you truly personalized information. Ultimately, maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves several different factors, all of which are unique to you.

This groundbreaking personal data used to only be available in clinics and doctor’s offices, but now you can have it in the palm of your hand. If you are serious about getting healthy in the long run, check out how these top fitness platforms can help you succeed.

Lumen is the only device of its kind to give users access to metabolic tests without going to a laboratory. It’s the ultimate metabolic health hack: Lumen tracks a user’s metabolism, diet, sleep, and fitness data to determine a Lumen Flex Score. This personal number is essential to stay on track and get results.

Getting started is easy: In just 10 seconds, the Lumen CO2 sensor and flow meter can determine the CO2 concentration in your breath, which tells you what type of fuel your body uses to produce energy. A high concentration of CO2 means your body is burning carbohydrates, while a low concentration of CO2 means your body is burning fat. This data is critical to a safe and successful health and fitness plan for your body.

Find the right fitness program

Physical activity is an important part of any health program and everyone has their preferred method of working up a sweat. If you have a highly efficient workout that combines cardio and strength exercises in one machine, check out the CLMBR. This app-connected device provides such an efficient full-body workout that you burn 60 percent more calories than cycling, rowing or running. Take courses from instructors or climb your own route knowing that you will get the most benefit from your exertion.

Science about social trends

There’s a reason Pinterest recently banned all weight loss ads from its platform. A toxic food culture, borderline dangerous weight loss products, and unrealistic exercise programs are just as detrimental to your mental health as they are to your physical well-being. The reality is about getting and staying healthy and fit, knowing what your body needs (not what someone else did to lose weight). Proper recovery is essential to the success of your health and fitness routine, which is why Therabody is a cult favorite. As a leading supplier of percussive therapy massage devices, Therabody is an important part of performance recovery for athletes as well as general well-being for everyone who is looking for a solution to feel better every day.

Get your beauty sleep

When we think of health and fitness, our thoughts usually go straight to eating and exercising. But what about rest? Sleep is an important part of your metabolic health, and if you are not getting enough, even the most detailed diet and exercise plan can be ruined. Step into Oura, a sleek ring that you wear to track your sleep and gain actionable insights for a good rest. Every morning you will receive an accurate health report on your sleep, activity and lifestyle.

Consistency is the key

Long-term health and fitness goals must be sustainable and not be shortcuts. If it didn’t take an effort everyone would be in shape after all. The more comfortable your workout, the more likely you are to stay on track. Peloton offers a few different fitness options to fit any schedule. From buying your own spin bike to committing to live rides to focusing on your strength training with on-demand workouts (some of as little as 10 minutes), there is something for everyone. The whole family can use the app subscription, which offers cardio workouts, targeted strength training, yoga and more.

These apps may not do the work for you, but they take the guesswork out of choosing and following a healthy, balanced plan that will benefit your body and mind. Hacking your health has never been easier. With accurate dates, smart technology and a motivated mindset, you will get into the best shape of your life.

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