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#22. Medium Founder Ev Williams Shares New Thoughts On Future of Creator Economy and More | by Entrepreneur’s Handbook

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Today’s guest is Ev Williams, the founder, and CEO of Medium. He’s been a titan of silicon valley for more than two decades and was one of the first innovators of the internet.

His first major company was Blogger (acquired by Google in 2003) which was where the term “blog” was first popularized. He later went on to cofound Twitter and served as the platform’s CEO.

His latest and current venture is Medium, the massive online writing platform known for its quality content and unique voices. Medium is also the home of Entrepreneur’s Handbook.

This is one of Ev’s first podcast appearances in years. He shares thoughts and stories he’s never shared before about Medium, his motivation, and his lifelong journey as an entrepreneur.

Image of Ev Williams Courtesy of Jason Henry

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