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Taking a trip may seem like a strange strategy to try to fix one’s sleep schedule. However, in recent years there has been a rise in the number of hotels and resorts catering specifically to those seeking a good night’s sleep. There has been a dramatic increase in attention given to persons suffering from insomnia since the outbreak.

A focus on getting a good night’s sleep, sometimes known as “sleep tourism,” is predicted to be a major sector of the tourist industry in 2022. Spa menus and hotel packages have included sleep-themed services for a while now, but experts say there has been a recent uptick in demand for these kinds of activities since they help guests get a better night’s rest.

10/10 Castle Hot Springs Has Minerals That Help Sleep

Natural hot springs were the go-to for sleepytime vacations even before tourists had any way to personalize their experience. This approach has been shown to be rather effective even today. The geothermal hot springs at Castle Hot Springs in Arizona formed naturally in the landscape about 13,000 years ago and are a popular amenity for hotel visitors. The special mineral composition of the water has a role in inducing rest. An invigorating bath in potent chemicals awaits guests after finishing up in one of the cabanas outdoors, looking out over a brook hidden by palm trees. Magnesium, a key element in many sleep aids, helps the body unwind and improves circulation first.

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9/10 Senses Ibiza, A Six Senses Resort

While people might not immediately think of Ibiza as a place to get some shut-eye, that perception has been shifting in recent years thanks to efforts by luxurious resorts such as Six Senses to promote the island as a health mecca. The hotel’s sleep program combines guidance from the staff’s “Sleep Doctor” with Yoga Nidra, meditation, massage, therapy, nutritional guidance, and low-intensity exercise (like in the case of Yoga, Pilates, or a personal trainer). Visitors can choose from three-, five-, or seven-night sleep stays.

8/10 The Crillon Hotel

The Hôtel de Crillon, a Rosewood hotel just outside Paris’s beautiful Tuileries Garden, has joined the other Rosewood establishments (from Rosewood Baha Mar to Rosewood Little Dix Bay to Rosewood London, to mention a few) in unveiling their new Alchemy of Sleep program. Get a taste of the French approach to getting some beauty sleep with the two-night, which is included in the Sleep Transformation package, including five sessions with a specialist and a 90-minute spa appointment on themes like sleep naturopathy, meditation, breathing exercises , pool stretching, and yoga.

7/10 Mystique Hotel Santorini

Mystique Hotel Santorini, as if people needed one, has lately introduced programs for the mind and body to further entice visitors to travel to the Greek islands. In collaboration with the wellness and technology company OPO, the “Choose Your Journey” meditation program is available through a mobile application. “Santorini Calling,” “Morning Rise,” “Day Chill,” “Evening Reflections,” “Night Sky,” and “Memories of Santorini” are its six parts. In addition, one may listen to one of the six pending podcast episodes, such as “Dr. Matthew Walker: The Science & Practice of Perfecting Your Sleep,” in which the host explores sleep physiology, the phases of sleep, and the effects of sleep deprivation on each.

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6/10 Accommodations At The Royal Champagne Hotel And Spa

The Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa in Champillon, France, has teamed up with renowned French beauty brand AIME to provide a Royal Sleep Experience that combines the rejuvenating effects of sleep with its signature holistic beauty treatments. Come stay in a junior suite with a view of the renowned wine region (complete with blackout drapes and soundproofing). The AIME Sleep & Glow bundle includes a sleep spray and melatonin-based supplement shots. There’s also a satin sleeping mask and a Morphée box to help people meditate before bed.

5/10 Olympic National Park, Washington: A Quiet Square Inch

Consider setting up camp in the United States’ most tranquil region for people who find that they sleep best in the great outdoors or if they can’t afford to indulge in expensive spa treatments and sleep packages. The Hoh Rain Forest in Washington’s Olympic National Park is a peaceful haven away from the rest of the world. The least noisy place in the contiguous United States, “One Square Inch of Silence,” is a refuge for light sleepers. There are many things to do in Washington’s Olympic National Park, but people get to spend less money on a hotel and let the soothing sounds of the forest surround them as they go off to sleep.

4/10 Loisaba, Kenya

The Loisaba Conservancy in Kenya is a huge wildlife refuge covering 56,000 acres. Due to its two rivers and several springs, it serves as a year-round haven for various species of flora and fauna. There are more than 260 species of birds and 50 species of animals that call Loisaba home. There are also buffalo, zebra, giraffes, lions, leopards, and cheetahs, in addition to the 800 elephants. The Loisaba Starbeds, however, are the true show-stoppers. An African experience begins with a stay in the Starbeds. Beds are hand-crafted four-posters on wheels that are placed on wooden platforms so that visitors may sleep beneath the starry African night. At the Loisaba, “the night sky is the ceiling, and the distant hills are the walls,” as the hotel puts it.

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3/10 Mountain Range In Colorado Known As The Rockies

There might be many things to do in Rocky Mountain National Park; intense 7-day silent meditation retreats are available at the Shambhala Mountain Center, where the lack of noise serves as the main form of amusement. The 600-acre retreat is located in the Colorado Rockies and is surrounded by natural beauty such as lush woods, peaceful meadows, and towering peaks. As the center’s website puts it, it’s “a sanctuary for relaxing into our core goodness, restoring a feeling of balance, and recognizing the sanctity of our planet.” After a day of meditation and silence, people may have the deepest sleep of their life.

2/10 Stockholm, Sweden

To get a good night’s rest while in the air, all one needs is a comfortable seat, some white noise, and a lack of squawking cell phone users. Still, it’s never easy to grab any shut-eye in the coach, except if one stays at Stockholm’s Jumbo Stay Hotel, where one can sleep in the very rooms that originally housed the cockpit controls. The Swedish airline that last flew the retired Boeing 747-200 went bankrupt in 2002. The plane was manufactured in 1976. This should help plan your stay in Stockholm, Sweden.

1/10 Four Seasons Resort Bali

Visitors can have a spa treatment that is essentially a guided snooze at the Four Seasons Resort Bali in Sayan. The Obamas have stayed at this exclusive hotel, which has a unique “air sleep.” It’s really similar to being a newborn and rocked to sleep. A silk hammock strung from the roof of a bamboo hut provides comfortable seating for guests. A former Buddhist now turned wellness mentor will rock customers to sleep as she tells them a narrative about the Buddha’s life and the gurgling of a river in a verdant mountain valley in the background.

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