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10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Shaeeda Sween

90 Day Fiancé’s Shaeeda Sween carries herself as the queen of serene. Traditional but elegant, she glides across the screen with an ethereality often grounded by the lectures and shenanigans of her fiancé, Bilal Hazziez. While her tenure has been flanked by prank after prank, Sween’s unwavering defense of her integrity remains integral to who she is.

Where Bilal views her as an angelic but potentially opportunistic counterpart for his third marriage, Sween sees herself as a blessing that’s more than capable of thriving as her own brand. Looking for her Cinderella story but unwilling to bow to Bilal’s arrogance and disturb, Sween’s words speak volumes for a woman that’s as ready for love as she is willing to defend her honor.


“I’m Not Into Games. I Don’t Play Games At All.”

Shaeeda Sween in 90 Day Fiance Season 9

Meeting Bilal’s children, Yusuf and Zaynah, for the first time, Shaeeda attempts to offer a raincheck instead of playing pool with Bilal and the kids. More than shyness and fatigue, her failed refusal held an underlying meaning beyond her not wanting to lose a game of 9-ball.

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Arriving to Bilal’s sprawlingly deceptive test of humility, Shaeeda’s emotions had already been put through the wringer. After meeting his family and being enlightened to the fact that everyone else was in on Bilal’s game, her hesitation to act as if everything was copacetic was directly tied to the manipulation she’d just experienced.

“I Feel Like With Bilal He Has Everything Now. He Has His Kids, His Perfect Home, He Potentially Might Get His Wife, Which Is Me, And His Story Ends There. But For Me, I’m Feeling Like I’m Now Starting My Story.”

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween's wedding on 90 Day Fiancé

Talking to her sister over Facetime, Shaeeda expresses her concerns about Bilal’s dodginess about having children with her. Committing to a new life in a new country with an established man, Shaeeda doesn’t just want to be the prize by his side. Nearing the end of her thirties, she’s understandably worried about being able to conceive the longer Bilal drags his feet.

From building a family to expanding her Yoga business, Shaeeda never waivers in wanting to write her own story through Bilal’s publishing house. Shaeeda’s words to her sister provide an acutely accurate description of Bilal/his laurels and how ignorant he is of her longstanding dreams.

“I’m Not Looking For You To Be My Dad. I’m Looking For You To Be My Supportive Fiancé.”

Shaeeda and Bilal in Episode 2 In 90 Day Fiance

Sitting passenger side on her way to Jummah, Shaeeda expresses her nervousness over meeting Bilal’s ex-wife, Shahidah, for the first time. Instead of sympathizing with her, Bilal goes into lecture mode, more or less telling her that her fears are unwarranted. As Shaeeda whaps Bilal upside the head for jokingly accusing her of having a visible booger, she’s chided with a belittling “we keep our hands to ourselves.”.

Although a tad aggressive, she had every right to be anxious over meeting an indelible part of Bilal and his children’s lives and a woman she will have to co-exist with in perpetuity.

“Yoga Helps To Calm My Nerves And Helps Against Anxiety And Stress. So, I’m Hoping It Will Make Me Feel Better.”


Finding passion and purpose in her practice, Shaeeda centers her mind and body through Vinyasa Yoga. Shaeeda seeking solace in stretching and breathwork after their dreadful ride to Jummah was all but guaranteed.

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Instead of dwelling on their discord, Shaeeda re-centered herself alone in her home studio, allowing Bilal’s distance and actions to peel away from her. Far from the last altercation with her fiancé, Yoga would provide an invaluable ally and integral release for her mental health.

Bilal Hazziez Shaeeda Sween 90 Day Fiancé Season 9

It didn’t take long for Shaeeda to realize the man she’d fallen for online wasn’t quite the same person in Kansas City. Reluctant to show his full hand, Bilal took their initial moments to hide his riches and test her gratitude. Instead of the warm welcome that Shaeeda deserved, Bilal essentially led her into an interrogation chamber on her intentions.

With Bilal critical over everything from anxieties to prenups to silverware placement, Shaeeda’s early words would prove prophetic. Instead of fireworks and “I love you,” the couple would need every last interaction together—good and bad—to see if their love could survive longer than an Instagram story.

“Just Feeling So Overwhelmed And Happy. Grateful. These Are The Things That I Prayed For. I’ve Been Single For So Long Thinking That I’ll Never Find Love.”

90 Day Fiancé Season 9 Shaeeda Sween and Bilal Hazziez

Arranging a romantic gondola ride under Kansas City nightfall, Bilal gave Shaeeda an experience she’d dreamed of since she was a child. In a state of vulnerability and bliss, she admits to being overcome with a happiness she’d nearly given up believing in.

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Shaeeda’s emotions are an open and honest look into a woman longing for a partner. As Bilal connects with her over failed relationships and a waning belief in love, it’s obvious to him and viewers alike that the woman bundled up next to him’s heart comes from the purest of places.

“I Feel Like Every Time We Have A Conversation, You Must Win. Every Single Time You’re Talking, You Have To Win. Now, Every Time We Talk And I Will Say You Win.”

Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween in 90 Day Fiance Season 9

Arguing after a scooter ride around the city she didn’t want to take, Shaeeda goes in on Bilal over his conversational dominance. As Bilal responds with, “we do not have to talk,” the silence spawns serenity as Shaeeda remains off in a grassy knoll by herself.

Bitingly sarcastic and unwilling to be submissive, Shaeeda’s parkside critique is a prime example of her standing up to Bilal’s condescension. While Bilal has certainly built an empire, there’s no hope of maintaining a healthy relationship without being amenable to his partner’s legitimate criticisms.

“Whole Five Fingers. Business. I’m Thinking Like An American.”

Bilal and Shaeeda in 90 Day Fiance

Countering Bilal’s marriage contract with the ultimatum of him giving her a child by 40, Shaeeda is able to convince Bilal to address the topic he’s avoided their entire relationship and protect herself from insolvency should they find irreconcilable differences.

Bilal sees himself as an extension of his business. While most of the quarrels between him and Shaeeda stem from him being concerned she may use him for his resources, his willingness to bend his marital stipulations, and Shaeeda’s evolution into a shrewd businesswoman prove his business acumen rubbed off with unintended consequences.

“The Person Who I Fell In Love With Was The Guy I Met In Trinidad.”

Bilal and Shaeeda in 90 Day Fiance

Irritated about Bilal’s deceptive ways, Shaeeda calls her mother for advice. As her mom giggles over her daughter’s potential financial catfishing, Shaeeda’s concern over Bilal’s discordant image is no joke. Leaving her life and family for an ostensible Prince Charming, the thought of a man conning her life away was too heavy to bear alone.

Shaeeda’s assessment would grow stronger the longer she’s positioned as Mrs. Hazziez, with Bilal trading most of his romantic efforts for complaints about her house presence and treating their relationship more like a business than a happy ending. Well aware of the tale of two Bilals, Shaeeda’s relationship hinges on the man she’s committed to evolving into the man he used to be.

“I Just Want Us To Have A Love Story With No Prenuptial Agreement In Between Us.”

Shaeeda Sween in 90 Day Fiance

Blindsided on the Skyview Ferris Wheel above Atlanta’s Centennial Park, Shaeeda is enlightened to the fact that Bilal has had a prenuptial agreement drafted for them/him. As Bilal follows with, “We do have a love story. Marriage is compromising but also marriage is a business,” the severity of the agreement is inescapable and sucks the air out of their date.

Seeing the prenup as a sign of distrust, Shaeeda earnestly voices the purity of the love she believed they had. Though she would agree to Bilal’s contract under additional terms, she’s well aware that her storybook ending is now bound in unreciprocated doubt.

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