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Yoga with Lisa classes offered virtually to area residents | News

OLEAN – For those who need time to relax, reflect, and exercise in their own home, virtual yoga with Lisa can be the answer.

Yoga teacher Lisa Yohon, who owns the Lavender Lotus yoga business in Olean, said she has been offering virtual classes on Zoom for the past few months after closing her studio in November due to local spikes with the COVID virus. Yohon also offered virtual classes to the community last year through the Greater Olean Chamber of Commerce as well as outdoors at Canticle Farm. One of her favorite fundraisers for Canticle was the Goat Yoga class in August.

“It’s on Zoom and going well,” said Yohon of her current classes. “A lot of people who have been in my studio just zoom in with me at home. I also have a few new people with me. “

Yohon said she enjoyed teaching the sessions from home and believes that her students enjoy putting on their “comfortable” clothes and attending the class as well.

“We can have a little chat at the beginning of the class before we get into the zoom room,” she explained. “We talk like in the studio. It’s also fun because we see each other’s pets and people walking around the room. It’s a fun experience in your home environment. “

She said she definitely wants to reopen the studio, even if the number is limited. In this case the courses could be offered face to face and practically at the same time.

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Yohon said the classes are offered four days a week at 5:30 p.m. to those interested.

While the courses are usually for women, men can also take part.

For those who want to try the class, the fee is $ 10 per single session and $ 8 for multiple classes.

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