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Wellness retreats see 81 per cent spike as Brits seek getaways

UK: The UK wellness retreat industry expects demand to spike after the lockdown after new research shows online search increased 81 percent in 2020.

The latest research from UK RV rental company Camptoo found that wellness, activity and camping retreats have seen a surge in online search over the past few years.

Demand for wellness retreats has seen a significant surge over the past five years, up 1,605 percent – including an 81 percent increase in 2020 – despite lockdowns. This shows that people are desperately looking for a physical and mental break when the restrictions are lifted.

The industry is growing faster than ever and can expect another bumpy year in 2021. The peak months for bookings and online searches start in March and last until the end of summer.

Activity retreats are among the fastest growing in the industry after online searches rose 928 percent from 2019 to 2020 before peaking in March through May. Camptoo wanderlust boss Ed Bassett expects a similar surge in interest this year as the UK gradually begins to loosen up from the lockdown.

Bassett said, “Activity-based vacations are one of the fastest growing in the industry and there has never been a more exciting time to be part of them. The benefits of a wellness retreat are endless, but we really believe that adding activities in the UK – whether kayaking, hiking, surfing, wild swimming, climbing or mountain biking – will take that experience to the next level.

“The industry was booming before the lockdown last year and although we have been locked away we can see that craze has not waned and with everyone desperately trying to get out of their homes it is the perfect time to see the great British outdoors explore.

“These type of activity retreats are great for the mind and body as they reconnect with nature, try new things, meet new people and after a turbulent year they will not bring the end of the good. Renting an RV or RV makes your vacation even more adventurous and allows you to have a self-isolating vacation with multiple destinations and activities and go as fast or slow as you want, ”he added.

Adventure tour company Call to Adventure, which has partnered with Camptoo, is one of the companies that anticipates a surge in interest in the coming months – especially since online search trends are so favoring their services.

In addition to the increase in the search for active holidays, online inquiries have also increased significantly for “camping retreats”, “hiking” and “cycling”, and all of them are included in the type of short breaks that Call to Adventure offers.

In addition to the high demand for adrenaline-fueled activities, yoga retreats are still popular, increasing 890 percent from January to April 2020. The search for meditation retreats also increased significantly.’s consultant, Yvonne Wake, spoke about the benefits of wellness retreats: “Getting back to yourself and doing healthy activities like yoga, fitness, walks in the country, meditation, are all great for mental health and body strengthening.

“I don’t see how the industry can’t grow any further. There is absolutely no reason to stop an industry where employability is getting higher every year. We have now taken the break and people are really starting to understand what it takes to take better care of themselves.

“I expect it will be booming when the restrictions are lifted as the only real thing is that after the last year of limiting conditions, locking up, keeping away from our usual healthy activities, suffering from psychological ones Health problems and the sad is imperative. We’re not out in the sun where we have our best chance of getting vitamin D for extra immune protection and more. We urgently need to get our health going again, ”she added.

The peer-to-peer RV rental industry has seen a sustained boom in recent years, fueled by populations like millennials and baby boomers who set out to escape virus hotspots on domestic stays.

Meanwhile, UK interior design company Ghyll House Upholstery and Design, which is helping owners convert their RVs, RVs and trailers, urged owners to prepare for stays in 2021 as interest in the segment awaits a short break after the Blocking increases.

In our forecast for 2021, published in December, we predicted that more and more travelers would be looking for stays in rural, remote areas and thus in recreational vehicles [RV] The segment would continue its upward trend, as evidenced by KKR’s recent $ 100 million round of funding for the RVshare peer-to-peer RV rental market.

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