Valo declares unique partnership with G3, the world’s largest and most detailed cardio-metabolic dataset

BOSTON, December 22, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Valo Health, LLC (Valo) announced an exclusive drug discovery and development partnership with the Global Genomics Group (G3) that will give Valo access to the largest, most detailed cardio-metabolic dataset in the world. Since the inception of the partnership, Valo has identified subpopulations across the cardiometabolic spectrum that have not been clarified, leading to the discovery of underlying genetics, biomarkers and new disease-modifying targets. Using its Opal Computational Platform, Valo was able to identify six validated targets and approximately 20 early potential targets and disease subpopulations.

“This partnership fits in perfectly with Valo’s strategy to leverage in-depth clinical data on human diseases with the powerful platform we have built to redefine diseases and identify sub-diseases and patient populations,” he said Brett Blackman, Valo’s Chief Innovation Officer. “At the heart of Valo is our firm belief that human-centered data combined with cutting-edge computing will transform and accelerate drug discovery and development.”

Valo uses its machine learning algorithms and G3’s best-in-class high-dimensional patient data to resolve never-before-seen subpopulations of patient diseases that guide the discovery of new targets. This gives confidence in identifying the right patient population for disease modifying drug development at the start of a discovery program. Valo’s Opal Computational Platform pursues the novel goal of rapidly creating clinical candidates for testing in these populations. This saves time and money considerably and at the same time increases the likelihood of a drug being successful.

“Working with Valo, we are poised to transform drug development and reduce risk based on genetic validation of drug targets and the use of biomarkers to conduct precise clinical studies on the right patient populations,” said Szilard Voros, CEO and Co Employee founder of the Global Genomics Group (G3). “Everyone’s been talking about genetics – and biomarker-driven clinical trials – for years now, with Valo, we’re actually doing that.”

G3’s proprietary data comes from the Genetic Loci and Atherosclerotic Lesion Exposure (GLOBAL) clinical study (NCT01738828) and represents one of the largest such disease-centered data sets in the world designed and executed by G3. The GLOBAL study generated extremely large and complex data sets, including sequencing of the entire genome and phenotypic associations to identify and link biological target (genotype) – phenotype – biomarker (s) as well as 3 billion data points from each of the nearly 8,000 cardiovascular patients -Diseases and from control persons. G3 has passed 320K Blood samples and 8,000 advanced CT imaging records for analysis, all standardized, normalized and curated.

About Valo
Valo Health, LLC (Valo) is a technology company that uses human-centric data and machine learning to transform and accelerate the process of drug discovery and development. By integrating data across the drug development lifecycle, the discovery and development of life-changing treatments can be accelerated, reducing costs, time and failure rates. The company’s Opal Computational Platform ™, a fully integrated, end-to-end component-based drug discovery platform, provides a unique approach to therapeutic development that enables Valo to build a robust pipeline of candidates in cardiovascular disease, oncology and Can promote neurodegeneration. Headquarters in Boston, MAValo has offices in San Francisco, CA., Princeton, NJand Branford, CT. Further information is available at

About G3 Therapeutics
G3 Therapeutics is a global leader in applying unbiased biological big data to transform the process of drug discovery and development. G3 Therapeutics has put together a discovery platform that leverages deep phenotyping, deep molecular profiling, and deep learning for the discovery, genetic validation, and development of novel drug targets. G3 Therapeutics’ fundamental biological big data platform is based on the GLOBAL Clinical Study (NCT01738828), which is attended by over 7,500 people from around the world. G3 Therapeutics’ deep molecular profiling approach involves sequencing the entire genome as well as measuring all other relevant “omics” measurements, including DNA methylation, RNA sequencing, proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics. G3 Therapeutics has already discovered and patented relevant biomarkers and is beginning to develop several novel drugs based on its own platform and discoveries.

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