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Top Trends in Wellness for 2021 and Beyond | Lifestyle

The top 2021 trends in wellness have a double focus: maintaining physical fitness and a healthy immune system through diet and exercise, and maintaining a peaceful heart and mind through self-care and mindfulness. These wellness pillars ensure a good start to your fitness goals and keep you healthy in body, mind and soul for years.

1. Fit, fabulous and fierce

Physical fitness helps maintain a healthy immune system, get a good night’s sleep, and feel good. It might come as no surprise to hear that the top 2021 workout trend is virtual fitness. Not only well-known virtual platforms are experiencing a boom in membership, smaller fitness studios and clubs also offer online workouts and courses, and trainers offer personalized virtual coaching. When coupled with wearable fitness trackers and equipment, exercise has never been so accessible or connected.

2. Balanced life

In addition to exercising, good food is the other side of the coin for physical fitness. Many of us still spend more time at home and therefore we eat more at home. This means we try to take advantage of the options in our pantry and fridge rather than grabbing a salad from the cafe across from the office or putting together a quick take away lunch. However, with busy work and family plans, it is still easiest to have your daily meals ready. Consider these quick nutrition ideas to help you stay balanced and meet your nutritional goals:

• Breakfast: Overnight oats or make-ahead scrambled breakfast eggs can keep your early morning hours on track and keep your blood sugar stable.

• Dinner: We turn the order here because dinner leads to lunch. Make a bigger, more nutritious recipe than you normally would for dinner to make sure you get enough lunch the next day. Instant Pot recipes are great for quick prep and tasty results!

• Lunch: Keep your leftover food in individual servings so that you can take them quickly during your lunch break. Alternatively, you can toss together dark, leafy vegetables, a lean protein like a legume or fish, and a dash of healthy fats like an olive oil dressing.

3. Skin Care 365

Personalized skin care is the new standard. We are done buying serums and moisturizers off the shelf because every skin is different and the beauty industry is finally catching up. You can access these bespoke beauty products, from bespoke online tests to personal skin care advisors. Neutrogena offers a customized face mask through its 3D MaskID mapping app, while Atolla creates a unique serum based on your answers to an online quiz and then refines it every month based on your feedback.

Regardless of the type of customization you’re looking for, there are tons of brands out there creating products just for you and your skin.

4. Mindfulness and Meditation

This year there will be even more emphasis on creating space and balance in your life through mindfulness and meditation to complete your wellness routine. Online mindfulness and meditation retreats will dominate in 2021. While you may not be able to take personal hiking tours or yoga classes, the dedicated company of other participants and the compassionate guidance of a mindfulness teacher will no doubt help you stay on the ground and improve the best of your intent, this Year to be more attentive.

For a smaller daily dose of mindfulness, more than a dozen apps are available to gently remind you to breathe or to fully guided meditation. Check out Insight Timer, Smiling Mind, or Headspace to get started.

As every year, 2021 faces challenges and victories. Prepare for success with these wellness tips and trends.

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