Top-class CTO joins the blood-sensitive start-up Zedsen

A revolutionary HealthTech that uses sensors on the surface of the skin to collect blood data has appointed a former manager at Babylon Health as chief technology officer.

DR. Caroline Hargrove, former CTO at Online doctor unicorn Babylon, becomes a member of the London company Cedars after raising £ 8.6 million.

Before joining Babylon in 2018, Dr. Hargrove in Formula One for 20 years. After leading McLaren’s research into driving dynamics through race car digital twins, she founded McLaren Applied Technologies.

Health data such as heart rate and Temperature used in apps and other services is currently gathered externally. Cedars The aim is to give users an overview of what is going on in their body by taking data directly from their bloodstream without piercing the skin.

Zedens Biosensors generate a 3D electric field that measures the permittivity and conductivity of materials. In conjunction with complex algorithms, these trends in our body can be monitored non-invasively.

By analyzing the combination of internal and external data, Zedsen can give users a better understanding of their health so they can make small lifestyle changes that have significant long-term benefits.

According to the company, the potential use cases range from detecting pre-diabetes to tracking fertility. Additionally, the data collected translates into hyper-personalized insights about health, fitness, and nutrition, with support and suggestions as unique as any individual user.

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Investors include Joseph R. Grano, former chairman and CEO of UBS Financial Services Inc; Wetter Kazeminy, Investor, founder of NJK Holding and chairman of the Ellis Island Honor Society (EIHS); Tony Rice, former CEO of Cable and Wireless; Bonnie Mcalveen Hunter, chairman of the Red Cross; and Jim Harpel, an investor at Palm Beach Capital.

The round valued the company at £ 79 million.

“Low-cost, non-invasive, high-level blood monitoring technology is the holy grail that has profound, life-enhancing effects – whether you’re monitoring metabolic health to improve athletic performance or working to keep the trend behind Reverse diabetes, “said DR. Hargrove.

I am very happy to be working on the development of such transformative products based on Zedens novel non-invasive technology and part of Zedens great team.

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Cedars CEO Daniel Honeywell added: “Caroline’s technical know-how will be essential for the next leg of our journey. Most of all, we are inspired and excited by their vision of hyper-personalized healthcare.

“None of us can accept the status quo. Chronic diseases cause 41 million preventable deaths each year.

When we know that strong biological insights and manageable lifestyle changes can prevent this, we can actually deliver on the promise of proactive, personalized and preventative care. “

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