Three layers that need to move to lastly finish the weight loss program

Letting go of diets and plans is a beautiful first step towards rebalancing the way you feed yourself, creating a positive dining experience, and taking care of your wellbeing.

However, in order to find and maintain a more balanced approach to your eating habits, you not only need to stop dieting, but also rephrase your thoughts about food.

These crucial changes in your approach to diet will help keep you from feeling withdrawn from dieting, and allow you to replace those old habits with new supportive and sustainable ones.

1. Focus on long-term change rather than short-term results

The very first shift that needs to take place is focused on short term results and long term change.

Most of the time, when you are dieting, it is because you are trying to achieve a specific goal in a given period of time.

However, when you are ready to stop dieting, you need to be ready to stop thinking about getting a certain result in a certain number of days. Instead, your goal must be to develop eating habits that support you on a daily basis and sustainably support you and which can last over the long term.

If you are able to look at nutritional information and advice through this lens and wonder if this supports my body, lifestyle, and the long-term vision I have for myself, you will be able to make a mistake, too make a much more deliberate, healthy, and long lasting way of feeling empowered and confident in your inner “knowing” that you are taking the right action for you!

This fits so well with the second shift that needs to take place and that goes from striving for perfection with your eating habits to being flexible and focused on practicing the habit.

2. Allow flexibility instead of trying to eat “perfectly”

When you are on a diet, you are given all of these rules that you need to follow saying that you need to follow them perfectly to get the results you want.

But that outlook on perfect food actually makes it harder for you to just eat well because you are often put into the all-or-nothing attitude of either being all-in and focusing on eating really well , Or You Are All In All, Wherever You Believe If You Are Not Perfect, It Makes No Point And You Have To Start Another Day

This all-or-nothing mentality can put an incredible strain on your physical and mental wellbeing.

It may not seem intuitive, but the best way to get more consistency with the way you feed yourself is to have more flexibility to be mindful of all the foods you like, rather than restrictive to be.

When you have that flexibility, foods that are once out of your control no longer have power over you.

It is flexibility, not control or rigidity, that leads to a much easier choice of your food.

3. Adjust to your own body instead of following the food rules

The third big change that needs to happen is the release of the food rules that you may adhere to by dieting – just like you can’t eat sugar or carbohydrates, you can only eat a certain amount, or you will have to have yours at any given time Count calories or anything like that – and instead, learn how to listen to your own body to guide you.

All of the food rules that you have followed, the labels for “good” and “bad” foods, and your focus on short-term results versus long-term wellbeing will affect your attitude towards food and your eating habits.

Even if you’ve decided to quit dieting, most of the time, those old beliefs and habits still stay in the back of your mind and can lead you to this all-in or all-out mentality and old habits rather than that center, more balanced Room.

You will likely find that you have these old habits that govern your eating habits and prevent you from having confidence in your own body to determine what is best for you.

It will be so much easier for you to make a food selection that will support you because you are sure why something is working or not for you rather than feeling like you have to follow certain food rules because of a diet, plan, or An influencer said this too.

Here you will experience such a deep feeling of peace while eating. You no longer bounce around from diet to diet or trend to trend trying to find something to stick to or that is an ideal version of health.

Instead, you have this inner knowing of what to do for yourself, and don’t let short-term corrections distract you or overwhelm you with keeping up with the latest trends.

This deep understanding of what works for you will keep you focused in the long run and making changes that will truly support you for a lifetime.

Discover the practices to help you quit dieting and find balance

These three reformulations of how you think about food and the role diet plays in your life are key to a sustainable, supportive, and balanced way to feed yourself.

When you are ready to let go of dieting, you also need to focus on incorporating new practices into your life that will help you feed yourself and find the right balance.

And that’s exactly what I’ll cover in my free workshop. Sign up when you’re ready to find out what that looks like.

In the workshop I will share the three important pillars that I need to focus on in order to restore balance with the way you feed yourself. You will walk away knowing what these pillars are and why they are so important if you want to balance your eating habits that will give you the flexibility you need to feel at peace and ease with foods for life.

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