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San Mateo County yoga studio ordered to close for holding indoor, mask-free classes since early in the COVID-19 pandemic

PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) – After thousands of dollars in fines were raised and a new court order was received to cease operations, another defiant Pacifica yoga studio was discovered in violation of the rules.

The ABC7 News cameraman was outside the Pacifica Beach yoga store Thursday night, only to find people coming and going to class late into the evening. It’s despite a San Mateo County judge approving the county’s motion to order the yoga studio closed that same day.

The yoga studio has been sued by San Mateo County for shutting down Pacifica Beach Yoga for months of contradicting local COVID-19 health orders by offering non-indoor and mask-free classes. The company was billed more than $ 3,700 in fines.

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Thomas Antoon, the owner of Pacifica Beach Yoga, told the ABC7 I team in October that he didn’t think COVID-19 was real.

“I mean, if it’s a pandemic … wouldn’t we stack bodies?” Said Antoon. “You don’t even hear about someone who is dying. Just what you hear on the news.”

San Mateo Supreme Court Justice Danny Chou on Thursday ordered the Pacifica Beach yoga studio to cease operations immediately, in violation of current county and state health ordinances. It seems that the management of the yoga studio has decided to continue working as usual.

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ABC7’s Stephanie Sierra previously asked Antoon, “Are you concerned about the possible spread?”

“No. No. It’s been seven months,” said Antoon. “We have the distance. We do our yoga. You abstain here. You are all wiped away, the spot you have when you leave. Then we come in and clean it.”

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If you know of a San Mateo County company that does not comply with public health guidelines, you can file a complaint with the COVID-19 Compliance Unit by calling 211 or filing a report online starting Monday.

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