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Ramsgate instructor offers Teen Yoga online to help with covid restriction stress – The Isle Of Thanet News

Zoe Smith offers yoga classes for teenagers through Zoom

A Ramsgate yoga teacher offers online classes to help teens manage stress and anxiety.

Zoe Smith, a trained adolescent yoga teacher and adolescent mental health first responder, works with the Teen Yoga Foundation.

She said, “I feel so much empathy for teenagers today. I want to do everything I can to make their lives easier during the Covid pandemic. The Teen Yoga Foundation has a number of teen yoga teachers across the UK and around the world who specialize in teaching yoga and mindfulness to teenagers.

“There are a multitude of benefits for young people living in such a fast-paced, insecure world. Yoga can help relax, improve focus and concentration, aid sleep, reduce anxiety, increase self-confidence, increase compassion, increase self-esteem, and promote better self-regulation. “

Classes can be suitable for individual students, parents or schools. You will cover what stress is and how it affects the body. They will include specific yoga postures to help with stress and anxiety, advice on how to sleep easier, how to improve mental wellbeing, how to stay grounded, how to stay strong and healthy, and how to improve concentration. Classes can also include desk yoga, yoga for depression, yoga for exercise, and yoga for exam students.

The benefits of yoga include toning the body, developing strength, flexibility and endurance, relieving tension and stress, increasing motivation, improving self-image and dealing with anger management.

All teachers at the Teen Yoga Foundation are DBS-approved and have appropriate first aid and protection certificates.

Charlotta Martinus, Director of the Teen Yoga Foundation, added, “Young people today are facing a very serious situation that adults in their world will find difficult to deal with and that will affect their entire lives.

“TeenYoga teachers are specially trained to teach wellbeing strategies to young people with difficulties. These strategies support the young person and their environment – both parents and peers.

“They are evidence-based and long-lasting. Never before has this been more necessary than it is today, when depression and anxiety are rampant and young people face such an uncertain future.

“The way you respond to this crisis will shape the rest of your life. Let’s act now and create resilient and confident young people in the face of these enormous adversities.

“We know that young people have problems and that there is very little support. We want to offer funded sessions to reach the most vulnerable in our communities. If anyone is able to put us in contact with youth social prescribing teams in Thanet or other relevant professionals, please do so. “

Anyone who wants support for their teenage boy or school can contact Zoe at

What’s included

30 minutes of parenting advice
Worksheets, printouts and resources to aid in learning topics between sessions.
4 x 45 minute one-to-one zoom calls are recorded for playback at any time. These include yoga sequences, breathing exercises, NLP meditation mantras with positive, present tense, sense of growth and more.
Personalized confirmation bracelet, delivered or sent to you.
These packs are suitable for all abilities, including students with SEND, and can be customized for younger children. The sessions are designed to support the individual needs of your child / young person.

Special price for Covid £ 125 for the above package, various other packages available
Or look up for a £ 25 session, any topic.
Meet up with a friend and share the cost

Or group sessions £ 7.50 per class

Whats App: 07596779330

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