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Haymarket Medical Community joins the Advert Council’s non-public market

20 brands donate digital inventory in support of COVID-19 efforts

New York, NY – May 7, 2020 – Haymarket Medical Network, part of the business media company Haymarket Media, Inc., is proud to join the Ad Council’s first Private Marketplace (PMP) along with other partners Cadreon, The Trade Desk and Acxiom.

The PMP offers publishers and media companies the opportunity to donate digital media inventory to serve the Ad Council’s top public service (PSA) COVID-19 advertisements on a large scale to those in need of the information most urgently, e.g. B. Families, seniors, and health professionals, plus direct links to websites where they can read this important information on topics such as social distancing, personal hygiene, mental health, and other news from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“We are excited to join the Ad Council Private Marketplace and do our part to help spread critical information about the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Michael Graziani, President of Medical Communications. “Our portfolio of specialty media brands will optimize this messaging and ensure it reaches the right audience for the greatest impact.”

The Haymarket Medical Network donates 160,000 digital ad impressions per month for its 19 brands as well as for the sister brand Medical Marketing + Media. In this way, the PSAs can reach a large number of doctors in the healthcare sector, including those who access the MPR drug database, specialists in therapeutic areas such as cardiology, infectious diseases and oncology, and target groups such as medical assistants, nurses and medical marketers.

The PMP is to deliver 100 million impressions from donated inventory within the first two months. Other media companies that donate media include InMobi, EMS, Bustle, The New York Post, and GroundTruth.

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The Haymarket Medical Network reaches doctors through a multi-channel environment that includes more than a dozen unique brands offered in a variety of formats – web, app, print and live events. Interconnectivity enables users to switch from brand to brand to find the relevant content they need to make real-world decisions. The network includes the renowned MPR drug database, medical education company myCME, and a growing portfolio of websites that provide news and content for specific therapeutic areas such as cardiology consultants, infectious disease consultants, oncology nurse consultants and more. More information is available at

About Haymarket Media, Inc.

Haymarket Media, Inc. creates award-winning professional content and services for the international B2B audience. With more than 25 marketing-leading brands, Haymarket delivers unmatched expertise and insight through balanced, relevant, original content in the healthcare and business media industries. Our brands connect people and communities across digital, mobile, print and live media platforms.

Haymarket is home to highly respected health brands such as Clinical Advisor, MPR and Haymarket Medical Education, as well as the prestigious business media titles PRWeek and Medical Marketing & Media.

Haymarket Media, Inc. is the US division of the Haymarket Media Group, headquartered in the UK. More information is available at

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