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Gosfield family nominated for Shed of the Year Award 2021

The love work of a FAMILY who helped start a yoga business has been nominated for a national award.

In the “Shed of the Year 2021” competition, the great design of a Gosfield family was shortlisted for an award.

Geraint Nicholas (46) and wife Melissa (47) started a project to build a yoga cabin in March 2020.

Melissa is a yoga teacher and Geraint vowed to build her own studio in her garden.

More than a year and £ 12,000 later, Melissa is now looking forward to opening the cubicle to teach yoga and pilates.

Melissa said, “By May 2020 the project was in full swing. Plans were drawn up, materials procured and the site prepared for construction.

“Although Lockdown 2020 had its problems, we had the time and weather to get off to a great start.

“We borrowed equipment from neighbors in the village to dig up the old terrace and get started on the base.

“Some materials were hard to come by as the country was closed except for supermarkets, but here and there we found what we needed.

“Once the first floor was down, it was time to bring the frame up.

“My brother-in-law Graham came and helped with the rafters and we ended up with a very large shed.”

Although the project was halted by the tragic death of their father, Melissa and Geraint, during their hard work, saw the cabin fitted with underfloor heating, music systems and mobile controlled smart lighting. 80-year-old father-in-law Brian Nicholas also helped with the project.

Melissa said, “May lasted into the summer months when beams burned, insulation compared, and colors chosen when the tragedy struck.

“My wonderful father died suddenly of cancer on August 9th and time stood still.

“When I take time to mourn and support my mother and make funeral arrangements, progress on construction has been halted.

“My great and supportive husband took care of me and our five year old son Toby.

“The yoga booth was in the balance.

“But we were back in the project by October and hoped to be able to open in mid-November. Therefore, it was necessary every evening and every weekend to install insulation, fire protection films and paint walls.”

With the lockdown, Melissa has taken her courses online

She is now hoping to see people in her new cabin in the coming months as the lockdown is lifted.

The public will vote on the category winners on the Shed of the Year website before a jury selects the overall winner.

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