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Fanatic seeks to share advantages of yoga

After discovering the benefits of yoga for a few years, Rocshel Barron hopes to share what she has learned with others.

“I found yoga when I was a place in my life where things were boring. A friend encouraged me to try yoga. When I started it was just me trying to do poses, then I started doing yoga daily. Then I started meditating, ”Barron said as she described the steps she took before finally finding the mind-body connection she was looking for.

“It teaches your body to act in such a way that you can get the best movement out of your body. It’s also a physical foundation for whatever you want to do, ”Barron added, explaining how the breathing exercises are known for relieving stress, while the poses and stretches help improve your strength, balance and flexibility .

Instructor Rocshel Barron with students during a recent yoga session

Barron said that yoga helps practitioners gain control of their bodies, become stronger and more balanced, which can translate into other positive outcomes, such as greater concentration.

“The meditation part is a lot of breathing work. In yoga you are taught that this is the most important thing. You only feel this mind-body connection when you are able to. Some people think meditation is magic and call it crazy. In meditation, you sit in a quiet room and focus on your body and your breathing, ”said Barron.

She further noted that this practice helps align oneself with the universe, which can be better explained if one is not influenced by the nonsense around them, but rather focuses more on the things one wants to achieve in life. Barron believes that, aside from anything you want to accomplish, once you are disciplined and committed to that goal, yoga will turn the universe in your favor.

Yoga started as a hobby for Barron after seeing photos of friends and thinking they looked rather “cool”, but today yoga has a deeper meaning to her. It has become a practice that is no longer just fun, but more about her wellbeing.

Personally, yoga has brought her healing. Barron noted that at one point she became interested in CrossFit exercises but suffered a back injury. Yoga helped her with this. And as someone who had trouble sleeping, she said yoga helped her get a better night’s sleep.

Early last week, Barron decided to take her lifestyle to another level when she decided to become a vegetarian. She said that people who have learned that they did yoga often feel that they are a vegetarian, which she has not been for several years since practicing the art. Since yoga is the practice of art, science and philosophy, one becomes aware not only of the things they do to their body but also of what they are consuming, which is why Barron decided to take this step. Becoming a vegetarian, she said, wasn’t too much of a challenge for her because while she ate meat she did it so sparingly that it wasn’t too difficult to cut it out of her life.

After doing yoga for some time, Barron began updating her social media with pictures, which resulted in people asking to teach her. At first she wasn’t sure whether to take on this challenge, but when a friend from the Red Cross who teaches table tennis returned from Germany and asked to hire another teacher for yoga sessions, she thought it was maybe time to give one a try. Although she was initially afraid of teaching and interacting with her students for a month and a half, this became a new passion of hers.

With this new experience, Barron is now branching out to self-taught yoga classes with a new yoga business called “The Mushin Effect”. She will hold a free session in the national park next Saturday to give interested people a little insight into her sessions. People can register on Saturday. Barron offers yoga sessions for groups, individuals, and corporate clients.

For this Saturday’s session, which runs from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., people must wear comfortable shoes and clothing, walk with their own yoga mats, bottle of water, and towel. Face masks are not mandatory during exercise as there is enough space for people to physically distance themselves.

In addition to yoga, Barron is a digital marketer and co-owner of SomeRays Virtual Solutions.

You can contact Barron on Instagram at @rocshelbarron and @The Mushin Effect.

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