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Brentwood appoints park commissioners | Brentwood

The city guides recently appointed mother Blythe Lind, teacher Derrick Bullington, and mortgage lender Kevin Peltz to the city council’s advisory board, which is supposed to provide recommendations as well as feedback and recommendations on program and facility rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures regarding design and use of park and leisure facilities.

The trio, selected during an interview with a city councilor, ousted yoga business owner Gina Bravo and mortgage lender Anthony Segovia, according to a report from city officials.

“These were undoubtedly difficult decisions,” said Councilor Susannah Meyer.

The newcomers join current members Trevor Frey and Julie Deck on the five-person commission.

Lind previously served on the commission for nine years before being forced to vacate her seat after being appointed to the conflicting Brentwood Union School District Board in late 2019. She said she was thrilled to be back on the commission. She did not keep her seat on the school board in the November elections.

“I hope my experience is a plus and something positive to bring to the commission,” she said. “I think it’s great to have the experience to advise the newer members but also to hear their new ideas. work with them and have new eyes as we move forward. “

The Arizona state graduate and resident of Brentwood, nearly 20, taught elementary school in Livermore and Oakley years ago before joining her eighth and eleventh grade daughters to stay at home.

Lind is currently the Vice President of the Brentwood Education Foundation. She previously co-chaired Action B for the Brentwood Union School District and was a major contributor to the Brentwood Elementary School Parents Club.

Going forward, she hopes that the Commission will have the opportunity to play a role in expanding the community to include facilities for young people and senior citizens.

“I feel like we have so many wonderful parks in the area that are more geared towards younger children,” she said. “I think as our population gets a little older it will be great when the funding comes in to find new ways to incorporate parks and recreational facilities and create things that older children, teens and seniors can also enjoy. “

Vice Mayor Johnny Rodriguez said Lind’s knowledge base will be of benefit to the commission.

“Obviously she has a wealth of knowledge and experience,” he said.

Bullington’s appointment will be a natural extension of his day job as a junior science and industrial arts teacher at Adams Middle School.

He has lived in Brentwood for nearly 20 years and is the father of 10- and 14-year-old sons and a 16-year-old daughter. He said he was keen to give something back to the city, which he watched grow from 20,000 to nearly 70,000 today.

“I look forward to finding out how our parks and our rec commission work, and to being involved in saying what is happening here in Brentwood,” he said.

The longtime Brentwood resident, who graduated from California State University in Sacramento and attended the University of San Francisco to earn his teaching certificate, has taught at Adams Middle School since it opened.

He also volunteers for the school’s theater program and was previously a member of the Brentwood Neighborhood Committee.

His goal with the commission is to make Brentwood the best it can be, which he thinks could include adding a disc golf course.

Currently the closest places to play are in Concord or Stockton.

“It’s a sport anyone can play at any age,” he said. “It has no real cost other than the cost of a few discs, which makes it a great sport for a lot of people to play.”

Councilor Karen Rarey said Bullington was bringing a new perspective to the commission.

“As a middle school teacher, he has the knowledge of what teenagers need,” she said. “He knows about teenagers every day. I think that is what we are missing, someone who can get that pulse into our commission. “

A city resident of over 20, Peltz joins the commission and has a deep understanding of the value of the city’s park and recreational facilities.

The father of eighth and tenth grade children is a former Impact Soccer Club and Edna Hill Middle School soccer coach. previously trained in the city’s recreational softball league; and currently serves as Vice President of Impact.

His children have also been involved in various local sports and recreational programs, including t-ball, softball, and dance classes.

“You name it, we’ve run many of the programs and courses that the City of Brentwood offers,” he said.

Councilor Jovita Mendoza described Peltz as a super user of the city parks, which benefits the city.

“I think he understood what kinds of parks we need,” she said. “I agreed with some of the things he said. We also have to be fiscally responsible and he was the only one talking about finances. “

California State University, a graduate of Chico and the current originator of Envoy mortgage loans, intends to make short- and long-term efforts, including repaying community events that have been canceled for a year due to the pandemic, and hopefully one day the establishment a comprehensive facility with these features, everything from pickleball courts to soccer and baseball fields to cross training.

“If I can be part of the planning, if I can do this, whenever it can be done, I would be very happy,” he said.

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