Benefits of turmeric for arsenic exposure

What happened when turmeric curcumin was tested to see if it could reverse DNA damage caused by exposure to arsenic?

arsenic is a carcinogenic heavy metal, and the main mechanism of damage caused by arsenic appears to be oxidative stress. It is the arsenic-induced free radical accumulation that it can kill Removing cells and damaging our DNA, and the double punch is that it can also disrupt our body’s ability to repair our DNA once it’s damaged. Well, if the damage is oxidation, what is it? eat antioxidant-rich foods like the spicy turmeric, which contains an antioxidant pigment known as curcumin. I am investigating this in my video Benefits of turmeric for arsenic exposure.

As anyone familiar with my videos can attest, “have had numerous clinical trials recommended This curcumin has therapeutic activity against a wide variety of human diseases, including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and inflammatory diseases of the intestines, joints, lungs, skin and eyes.

In terms of protection against heavy metals, studies suggest that turmeric can help scavenge free radicals as well as chelate or bind heavy metals. But it’s all just theory until you put it to the test. Until recently, we had only investigated whether curcumin can protect for example against heavy metal-induced oxidation in pureed rat brains. Why can’t you just give people turmeric? It’s not that there aren’t millions of people who have been exposed to arsenic and could use some help.

In fact, during the greatest chemical catastrophe in human history, it was “pipe wells” Furnished in Bangladesh to provide clean water. UNICEF meant well – it’s a shame they didn’t test the water for arsenic. People showed up with lesions on their feet as you can see in mine at 1:52 a.m. Videoand up to one in ten people in some parts of the country will now go on the of cancers caused by exposure to arsenic. This disaster made it possible for the medical community document all kinds of “interesting” cancers, but why not have something that can help like turmeric-curcumin?

The researchers did just that. After you determined Half of the extent of DNA damage in subjects was randomly selected and prescribed curcumin capsules mixed with some black pepper compound, while the other half received a placebo. As you can see in mine at 2:25 VideoBefore the study began, the amount of DNA damage found DNA damage was higher in the curcumin and placebo groups of people exposed to arsenic than in a control group of people not exposed to arsenic, which remained the same throughout the study. The researchers wanted to establish a baseline for the groups exposed to arsenic and waited three months before starting the study. In fact, the DNA damage remained stable during this time. Then they gave the groups the curcumin or the placebo for three months. The placebo didn’t do much, but within the first month researchers could see how the curcumin was working. And by the third month, the DNA damage in the curcumin-treated arsenic group was no worse than in those who were not exposed to arsenic at all. Amazing! “Comparing the populations that received curcumin and placebo found that curcumin played an effective role in regressing DNA damage and was an excellent antioxidant.” undid the crippling of our DNA repair enzymes by arsenic – both to prevent the damage and to facilitate its repair. “Therefore, curcumin intervention can be a useful method to prevent arsenic-induced carcinogenesis [cancer development]. ”

Of course, you need to make sure that the turmeric itself isn’t contaminated with heavy metals. Almost a quarter of the spices Bought Boston had lead in them, and it’s not just a matter of buying U.S. versus overseas brands as the difference in lead levels wasn’t found to be statistically significant as you can see at 3:52 in mine Video.

How about some antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables? The reason we care about DNA damage is because we care about cancer. What if u measured the beta-carotene levels in people who were exposed to arsenic and later developed cancer compared to people who were exposed to the same amount of arsenic but had no cancer? Beta carotene is like a substitute for a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables. The way you get high blood levels is to eat plenty of healthy foods, such as vegetables and sweet potatoes. Compared to those with low levels of beta-carotene in their blood, those with high levels were 99 percent less likely to develop arsenic-induced cancer, as you can see in my 4:34 am report Video. So if you want to eat rice, why not have some rice with sweet potatoes on top?

What is the rice connection? I made a 13 part series on arsenic in rice. Popcorn out of the air, sit back and enjoy:

What else can turmeric do? Nice that you asked!

Who Shouldn’t Consume Curcumin or Turmeric? Check out the video to find out!

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