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beauty brands redefine the future of wellness travel, Edyta Satchell

“Travel wellness in a COVID-19 world is about minimizing the fear of before, during and after the trip,” Edyta Satchell, founder and CEO of Satchelle Global Travel Wellness and, told Cosmetics Design.

“It’s about preparation and protection through healthy habits, self-care, beauty (yes!), Self-confidence and a lot more,” she says.

Satchell reports in this publication: “People repeatedly define travel wellness as a trip to a wellness center, yoga or meditation retreats or medical tourism. All of these things are part of travel with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. “But really“ Travel wellness is multidimensional. It’s about balance and getting your best self out. It’s about nutrition, beauty, [and] Coping with stress before, during and after the trip. “And this version of wellness travel – or Travel Wellness as Satchell prefers to call it – is important at all times, not just during a pandemic.

Rethink wellness trips for 2021 and beyond

Satchell, who has over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, is certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, certified in Oncology Aesthetics, and studied the fundamentals of the beauty industry at the Fashion Institute of Technology, sees great potential for beauty brands in retail and product development proceed differently.

She believes beauty consultants, brand reps, and in-store employees could be better prepared to help consumers meet their skin care, hair care, and personal care needs while traveling. With the right information, these professionals could offer guides and products that directly address customer needs when dealing with pre-travel stress, flight conditions and destination climate, she says.

And Satchell told Cosmetics Design that it is time for beauty manufacturers to update travel product kits as well: “It’s not about throwing three beauty products in a box and calling them ‘travel kits’. Consumers can buy three mini-size products themselves, so it’s not about the mini-sizes, ”she says. “It’s about carefully selecting the products a traveler needs before, during and after the trip, based on the environment they live in, their age, skin, type and destination.”

Ideas and innovations for the future of travel wellness

As a consultant, Satchell listens to brands and companies, learns from them, and leads them to create products that are lacking in the market. During her interview with Cosmetics Design, she brainstormed and suggested several products that could help meet the current and future travel needs of consumers: “Face covering masks that moisturize your face on the plane. Body thermometer with a lipstick or mascara on the other side. Mini beauty supplements that can be drunk on the plane. Plastic bags for beauty products and groceries. There’s a reason for all of these products and I keep getting more innovative ideas, ”she says.

And she wonders if there is room for improvement in testing product stability. “Let’s also test how the product reacts in very cold environments. Our luggage is in the cargo class and this compartment is never heated. “Or it is about educating consumers more about stability tests in beauty.

In a direct conversation with the brand leaders, Satchell explains: “I want you to be the first to not just create a box of three mini-products and call them a travel set. Frequent travelers urgently need you. They need your advice. “

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