Açaí vs. Wild blueberries for arterial perform

“Plant-based diets … have been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease ”and some of our other leading causes of death and disability. “Studies have shown that the longest living and least likely to have dementia prone populations live on plant-based diets.” So why focus on açaí berries, just one plant, for brain health and performance?

Well, “foods high in polyphenols … improve brain health,” and açaí berries are high in polyphenols and antioxidants. Maybe that’s why they could be useful. However, if you just look at polyphenols, there are more than a dozen foods that do contain more per serving, like black elder, regular fruits like plums, flax seeds, dark chocolate, and even just a cup of coffee.

As you can see at 1:02 in my video The benefits of açaí over blueberries for arterial functionIn terms of antioxidants, açaí berries can to have ten times more antioxidants than typical fruits like peaches and papayas and five times more antioxidants than strawberries. But blackberries, for example, seem to have even more antioxidants than açaí berries and are cheaper and widely available.

Not only açaí berries to have potential benefits to the brain. Could they also protect the lungs from damage from cigarette smoke? You may remember the study where açaí berries were added to cigarettes protected against emphysema – i.e. in smoking mice. It’s not very helpful. There is A long list of impressive looking benefits until you dig a little deeper. For example, I was excited to find a “[r]Reducing the risk of coronary disease due to the vasodilation effect of açaí berries, but then I pulled the study and found it was talk about a vasodilatory effect … in the mesenteric vascular bed of rats. Until a study published in 2016, there were no studies of açaí berries and artery function in humans.

Researcher gave Overweight men either have a smoothie with about two-thirds of a cup of frozen açaí pulp and half a banana, or an artificially colored placebo smoothie with the banana but no açaí. As you can see in mine at 2:26 Video, within two hours of consuming your smoothie, the açaí group would have a significant improvement in arterial function that lasted for at least six hours, a clinically significant lump with one or two spots. In fact, those who walk around with just one point higher tend to keep going To suffer 13 percent fewer cardiovascular events such as fatal heart attacks.

As I show in mine at 2:52 Video, You can receive The same effect as with wild blueberries: about a point and a half bump in artery function two hours after consuming blueberries. This effect then reaches a plateau at around one and a half cups of blueberries, with two and a half cups and three and a half cups showing no further advantages.

What about cooked blueberries? As you can see in mine at 3:12 Video, if you baked When the blueberries turn into a bun like a blueberry muffin, you get the same dramatic improvement in artery function.

Cocoa can do it too. As shown at 3:30 in mine Videoafter drinking a tablespoon of cocoa gain About one point and two tablespoons makes a whopping four points, which is twice as much as you would with açaí berries.

One and a half cups of multi-colored grapes give a nice increase in arterial function, but enough to counteract an “acute endothelial insult”, a sudden attack on the endangered inner layer of our arteries? The researchers gave the participants a “McDonald’s sausage-egg-breakfast sandwich and two hash browns”. They didn’t play around! As you can see in mine at 3:56 VideoWithout the grapes, the arteries functioned cut Almost halved within an hour, and the arteries remained stiff and crippled three hours later. But when they ate that McMuffin with all those grapes, the harmful effects were dulled.

eat a meal with hamburger meat and arterial function drops. However, if you eat the same meal with a few spices, including a teaspoon and a half of turmeric, arterial function actually improves.

What about orange juice? Four cups of commercial orange juice a day from concentrate for four weeks shown No change in arterial function. What about freshly squeezed orange juice? Still nothing. That’s one of the reasons why berries, not citrus fruits, are the healthiest fruits.

Try green tea for a drink that can improve your arterial function. Two cups of green tea gives You saw the same effect as with cocoa and scored almost four points in just 30 minutes. And as you can see in my video at 5:05 am, the same crazy effect is too seen with black tea, twice as strong as the açaí berries.

So why all of them focus on just this one plant? Why açaí berries? Well the real reason may be the author owns a patent on an açaí-based dietary supplement.

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