70% of widespread antidepressants endure from sexual unwanted side effects

What’s the latest? treatment Depression with the spiced saffron? Years ago I covered a head-to-head comparison of saffron and Prozac for treating depression in my video Saffron versus Prozacand saffron shone job as good as the drug. In the past few years have done five more studies found This saffron beat placebo or competing antidepressants.

It can be the spice’s red pigment, crocin, as that alone beat Out placebo as an add-on treatment that significantly reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety symptoms and general psychological distress. Perhaps its antioxidants played a role in “preventing free radical damage to the brain.” The amount of crocin the researchers used was roughly equivalent to half a teaspoon of saffron per day.

If the spice works Aside from the drugs, one could argue that the spice wins since it doesn’t reason sexual dysfunction in the majority of men and women like most prescribed antidepressants. SSRI drugs such as Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft cause “adverse sexual side effects” in around 70 percent of the people who take them. In addition, doctors are not only authoritative underestimate the occurrence of side effects, but they also tend to underestimate how much they affect the lives of their patients.

Not only is this not a problem with saffron, the spice can to treat it as I explore in my video Best food for antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction. “In folk medicine there is is a popular belief that saffron might have aphrodisiac effects. “To test this, men with Prozac-induced sexual impairment were randomly switched to saffron or placebo for a month. In the fourth week, the saffron group resulted in “significantly greater improvements in erectile function … and sexual satisfaction,” and more than half of the men in the saffron group regained “normal erectile function”. The researchers concluded that saffron was an “effective treatment” for Prozac-related erectile dysfunction. Everything has been found to be effective on women’s sexual dysfunction as well, as you can see at 2:35 in mine Video. Female sexual function elevated By week four, some of the Prozac-induced sexual problems improve, but others do not. Therefore, it may be better to try saffron for depression and avoid developing these sexual dysfunction problems as it can sometimes be persist Even after stopping medication, the prognosis for long-term depression may worsen.

These includes unusual side effects such as genital anesthesia that literally make you feel lost. It can happen to both men and women. Antidepressants can be used less often induce a condition called restless genital syndrome. Have you heard of Restless Legs Syndrome? Well, this is restless between the legs syndrome. These PSSDs, or SSRI sexual dysfunction, that is, dysfunction that occurs or persists after discontinuation of these antidepressants, can be so severe that “prescribers reduce the potential risk of genital anesthesia (e.g. penile or vaginal anesthesia) in any patient Patients should mention this prior to SSRI treatment. “If you are taking any of these drugs, has your doctor warned you?

However, all hope is not lost. Obviously penile anesthesia answers for laser irradiation with low power. After 20 laser treatments of his penis, a man who had lost his penis sensation thanks to the drug Paxil partially regained his “penis sensation and temperature sensation”. He still couldn’t perform to his girlfriend’s satisfaction, however, and she evidently let him pass it, which certainly didn’t help his mood. But before you feel too bad for him compare a small penis light therapy for clitoridectomy, clitoral removal, or any other Paxil-related case where only one woman’s symptoms appear improved after six electroshock therapies.

Pass the paella!

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These drug side effects sound devastating, but depression is no walk in the park. However, when you balance risk and benefit, you assume that there are actually benefits to taking. Hence the shocking science I have delved into Do Antidepressants Really Work? is so important.

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