6 ways bananas melt belly fat, say dietitians

When it comes time to get in shape and burn off some belly fat, choosing the right foods to include in your weight loss program is crucial. Even if an item appears healthy on the surface, it may have some nutritional secrets in place that hinder weight loss in your midsection. When you need to create a new weekly fat burning menu, bananas are one of the best foods to melt belly fat quickly.

According to the Mayo Clinic, we have a ton of reasons to love bananas, especially when we are on a diet. The fruit has a lower GI impact than many other fruits, provides a fixed amount of fiber to keep us feeling full, and serves the perfect cocktail of vitamins and minerals, with virtually no fat. This fruit really shines when you need to lose some weight from your midsection. Knowing exactly how they affect your body we can devise the perfect strategy of attack to melt belly fat.

To find out how bananas help us avoid unwanted midsection poundage, we spoke to a handful of dietitians and medical experts to find out exactly what happens when we add bananas to your daily meal plan. Read on to learn how bananas can help melt stubborn belly fat that you’ve always wanted to get rid of. For more weight loss tips, check out our list of 15 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.


When you need to start looking at your weight and burning off some belly fat, balancing your internal flora can start all weight loss properly. Bananas do just that by helping bring good bacteria into our stomachs and preparing our bodies to shed some weight.

“Bananas are high in prebiotic fiber and have been shown to increase numbers [of] Bifidobacteria in the gut, “says Kate Netz, RDN, LD.” Research shows that healthy levels of bifidobacteria can help you lose weight and improve metabolic health. “

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“When you work or live in a stressful environment, as most Americans do today, your cortisol levels are high which makes you crave high-sugar foods,” says Dr. Sandra El Hajj. “This is one of the main reasons people start gaining weight and eating sweets and candies uncontrollably. Bananas help prevent these cravings by providing the body with high levels of magnesium first, which will help you control your stress and yourself feeling full. “

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Everyone has heard that adding fiber in our lives can help us lose weight, and the extra high fiber content in bananas can help us feel full and avoid overeating.

“Bananas are an excellent source of fiber, and each banana contains a large amount for the number of calories,” says Dr. Don Grant longer. By including a lot of fiber in your diet, you will stop feeling hungry and eat less. “

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You may have heard that the sugar content in a banana can cause harm, especially when you need to cut excess carbohydrates from your diet. While bananas contain some sugar, they also improve your insulin sensitivity in non-diabetic dieters. This is an excellent deterrent to the disease and helps us achieve the nutritional balance we need to lose belly fat.

“Bananas improve insulin sensitivity, which allows the body to process glucose more efficiently and thereby reduce weight,” says Trista Best, RD for Balance One Supplements. “Bananas are an excellent source of resistant starch, which has a positive effect on insulin resistance.”

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Nothing can break down stomach fat like proper physical exercise, but if we don’t get our body what it needs, our efforts can be in vain. Thanks to bananas, we get proper nutrition to keep our exercise program moving and balanced, and to get real results.

“Your workouts can also be more efficient because of fewer muscle cramps,” says Best. “Muscle cramps can be associated with an electrolyte imbalance, particularly potassium, and bananas are filled with this nutrient.”


While yellow bananas offer certain benefits, unripe bananas should really be in the spotlight as you are working on smoothing your stomach.

“Unripe bananas are high in resistant starch and low in sugar,” said Dr. Madathupalayam Madhankumar. “This strength is resistant to [digestion] and acts like fiber. It will also reduce your sugar intake. This is how it helps you lose weight. “

“The greener the banana, the higher its resistant starch content (it ripens into simple sugars as it ripens),” added Silvia Carli, RD. Resistant starches help control carbohydrate metabolism, improve blood sugar control, and contribute to digestive health as they feed the gut bacteria in our intestines. You might also want to know that green bananas can be quite bitter and definitely less sweet. Both green and green ripe bananas contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals. “

Here are some surprising side effects bananas have on your immune system, science says.

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