5 @ 5: Manufacturers touch upon the Capitol rebellion | Insect protein will get large

Why Brands weigh on Capitol Rebellion

Customers respond well to brands taking political positions, which is partly why brands that condemned the mob that stormed the Capitol last week reacted so overwhelmingly on social media. As Vox puts it, it is now an expectation to take a stand as a company. Brands are an essential, inevitable part of consumers’ lives and they want these brands to be humanized to some extent. But as became very evident with the hordes of Black Lives Matter posts from last year, it’s also easy to turn out to be insincere.

Food industry sucks about insect protein

As the food industry focuses on sustainable solutions for everyday ingredients, insects are a clear star in the supply chain. The world’s largest insect protein facility is currently under construction in Decatur, Illinois. Billions of black soldier fly larvae are produced that can be converted into a nutrient-rich protein. The Food Institute notes the growing number of companies that are also receiving funding, such as snack maker Don Bugito and cricket flour company Entomo Farms.

Have scientists found a substitute for wheat flour in white bread?

A new ingredient from chickpeas could replace wheat flour in white bread and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Legumes (chickpeas, beans, lentils, etc.) contain high amounts of resistant starch that are slower to be absorbed by the body and are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. New Food Magazine has the details.

How the right foods can lead to healthier colon and better health

A critical factor in gut health is the amount of processed foods a person eats, new research shows. Juices, sweetened drinks, white bread, and processed meats have been linked to microbes that have been linked to poor metabolic health. Experts say this could help doctors battle diet-related diseases with tailored nutrition plans based on a specific patient’s microbiome makeup. The New York Times reports.

This app is designed to help SNAP users get the most out of their benefits

A growing number of Americans are relying on the benefits of SNAP because of the economic turmoil. The new Forage Grocery App makes it easy for them to find the cheapest groceries in the area, also taking coupons into account. The creator of the app describes the user base as “[financially] poor and time-saving, “which is why the app is gaining importance in California and can be scaled nationwide. For more information, contact Civil Eats.

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