198 kilos to 155 kilos

How long has he kept it off: It started in March 2020 and reached its goal in June 2020.

Personal life: “My partner Scott and I have been together since 1993 and got married in 2004. We enjoy … pampering our fur babies Patrice and Stinky, our cats and Frankie, our dog. I work as an audit manager for a multinational company that supports multiple international activities, ”said Provin, who lives in Decatur. Editor’s Note: Scott Provin-Wylie was featured in Success Story last week.

Turning point: “It was after an illness in October 2019,” said Provin. “We have tried several times in the past with very little success. We had heard from colleagues about the LockedIN wellness program ( After meeting metabolism specialist Nancy Masoud, we felt comfortable with the program and decided to sign up. In addition to the home fitness equipment … we went through several instructional DVDs, including … 90 Day Beachbody and Insanity. LockedIN helped us to really understand our metabolism and how our bodies processed the foods we ate. “

Diet Plan: Provin has scrambled eggs and chicken sausage for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are 7 to 8 ounces of protein and 1.5 cups of vegetables.

Exercise Routine: Provin admits that neither he nor his partner Scott is an exercise fanatic. “We’re both bored halfway through all of the workout routines or could come up with 100 reasons why we shouldn’t go to the gym,” Provin said. Now they run twice a day and can reach up to 5 to 8 miles a day.

Biggest Challenge: For both Provin and his partner, the biggest challenge was changing bad habits. Eliminating foods that they once enjoyed but had learned to cause food sensitivities was also a challenge. “After we met our goals, we both found we were better off without some of them,” said Provin.

How life has changed: “The physical change has had a positive effect on our self-confidence, especially when we can buy normal sized clothes. … From a health point of view, our doctor adjusted or eliminated some of our medications and our blood count continues to improve, ”said Provin. “This was not a diet program; It was really a lifestyle change. We learned not only how to eat better, but also what to eat. “

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