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10 Best Meditation Retreats — Wellness Retreats to Visit

Travelers are making meditation retreats increasingly popular. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is growing twice as fast as the tourism industry as a whole. Some of these trips last a day while others can last a week or more – and they are often held in a meditation center or outdoors, where participants take part in mindfulness activities, sometimes in complete silence.

“This time of extended meditation practice gives you the opportunity to focus without the usual distractions or responsibilities of daily living,” said Ted Meissner, online program and community development manager at the University of Massachusetts’ Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care Medical School. and society.

That doesn’t mean you spend your hours cross-legged on a pillow. Instead, whatever you do during the retreat – walking, eating, yoga, or hiking – will be done mindfully. This constant state of mindfulness gives your body and mind the opportunity to experience its effects more deeply than shorter bursts. “Common results for retreatants are states of rest, relaxation of tension and a lower heart rate,” says Meissner.

Looking for Zen? Check out these top meditation retreats.


Kadampa Meditation Center NY

If you are new to meditation, this center in New York’s Catskills is for you. The Kadampa Meditation Center NY offers a variety of personal or group retreats year round, all of which are held at the World Peach Temple, just two hours outside of bustling New York City. Choose between 24-hour, weekend, or five-day retreats for beginners, designed to help visitors find their inner peace.



Shambhala mountain center

Located on 600 acres of mountains, forests, meadows and valleys, Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado is a nature lover’s delight. The center offers a range of mindfulness and retreat offerings – such as yoga, hiking, and workshops – and also welcomes day visitors looking for a shorter Zen outbreak.



Rolling meadows

Soothe the mind in the beautiful New England countryside at Rolling Meadows in Brooks, Maine. This center hosts small group retreats for up to 11 people. Expect to partake in yoga, shared meals, and some unstructured “me” time to explore the countryside. The center also hosts international retreats in places like Costa Rica and India.



What better way to rejuvenate your soul than on the beautiful California coast? Esalen in Big Sur, California offers workshops on yoga, meditation, dance, art, and more. There is also a working farm and garden that guests can volunteer at, or you can relax in the hot springs. And if you’re worried about getting disconnected, don’t – there is no cellular service.




Located in the Berkshires, the Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts gives you the opportunity to create a retreat that is just right for you. Choose from guided workshops or just spend your days exploring the hiking trails, sweating in the fitness center and sauna, or swimming in the lake.



Ala Kukui

There’s a retreat for everyone at Ala Kukui in Maui. Opt for a wellness or family experience, or try their Hulu Retreat, a Hawaiian cultural dive where participants take part in spiritual activities and learn traditions like lei-making. You can also customize your visit and fill your time with anything from yoga to Reiki to massage therapy and even life coaching.


Simple peace retreats

Visitors have attended Simple Peace Retreats in Assisi, Italy since 1985. Guests engage in yoga, meditation, meditative walks, and enjoy ancient baths – and while trips to holy sites are available, retreats cater to all faiths.


Spirit rock

Whether you want to unwind for a day, a week, or even a few months, Spirit Rock in California’s West Marin County has something for every schedule. What makes this meditation center stand out is that most of the retreats take place in silence.



The Raj

The Raj is an Ayurvedic health center in Fairfield, Iowa known for its award-winning healing programs. There is a five day retreat that focuses on the practice of transcendental meditation. However, visitors can also choose more general packages that offer a variety of wellness options.


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